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Messenger Marketing
Terms for Beginners

Overview of Terminology

You read an article on messaging and can’t make head or tail of it? Don’t be discouraged! Every field has its terminology. We of ONE TO ONE explain to you the key terms of messenger marketing. Simply clearly, and in words, you will also understand if you have not had any experience with the matter so far.


A chatbot is software that automatically reacts to different triggers. A trigger is a release, meaning a click, the entry of a keyword, or a specific action on a website. Simple example: As soon as you type “menu” in the messenger, the ONE TO ONE menu pops up with all the necessary functions. Our chatbots are programmed such that they respond as humanoid as possible. They support you in daily use with messenger dialogs.

Messenger Flow

A flow is a dialog with the chatbot. Therein, messages are answered automatedly or forwarded for individual processing. To make usage in a flow as easy and user-friendly as possible learned patterns and functions are implemented – for instance, buttons, galleries, links, and quick replies.

Quick Reply

As the name implies, it is a quick response. The user receives a preselection of answers to his or her question. Thereby, usage is simple: Instead of entering data by oneself, the user chooses the desired response from the preselection (quick reply).

Entry Point

An entry point is a possible touchpoint with a potential guest, for example, the chat offer on your website. While a user stays on your website – on his or her customer journey – there are plenty of available touchpoints. ONE TO ONE messenger marketing employs entry points to generate as many data points, email addresses, and conversions as possible.


The abbreviation stands for Application Programming Interface, thus for an interface. APIs are necessary for communication between different programs. Since 2016, Facebook offers a public API and enables messenger marketing on its basis. At ONE TO ONE, we use lots of APIs to guarantee smooth communication in any case – for instance, between our chatbot and Re:Guest or Mailchimp. APIs significantly reduce manual processes and sustainably simplify daily operations.

Live Chat Agent

Because ONE TO ONE messenger marketing is a holistic solution, we offer you an interface (live chat) to respond to messages. The live chat serves as a central point of contact: At this point, different messengers’ texts gather. By the way, users in the live chat are called agents.


That is how we organize any issues related to Customer Relationship Management or Customer Relationship Marketing: The generated data by ONE TO ONE messenger marketing are stored in an open and flexible CRM. Important: This form serves as a solution that complies with GDPR and thereby corresponds to applicable law! CRM serves as data collection, the establishment of relations, the start of various automatizations, and the creation of insights.


Webhooks or web callbacks are automatic feedbacks to an API. If an opt-in gets generated via a messenger dialog, the data set is written automatically in the CRM.

Marketing Opt-Ins

This term describes important contacts for subsequent marketing campaigns. Data sets are generated primarily via messenger marketing or messenger dialogs. Naturally, these data are 100% compliant with GDPR.

Personal Data

ONE TO ONE generates personal data of high relevance for operational use. On top of email addresses and birth dates, this also includes concrete holiday motives and other intriguing details.

Email Addresses

Email addresses are at the core of messenger marketing. Already in the first step, we receive email addresses of the predominant part of your website’s visitors. Automatized messenger dialogs simplify data requests enormously.


By micro-conversion, we mean voucher sales, brochure orders, or subscriptions to your newsletter. On the way to the booking, ONE TO ONE generates various micro-conversions.


Calls, requests, or direct bookings are fall within the term of macro-conversion. These guests’ actions contribute to your revenue increase.


Broadcasts work similarly to newsletters. Messages are sent to a selected group via a mailing list. However, broadcasts are way more effective: They convince with an opening rate of 100% and a click rate between 39 and 71%.

Marketing Automation

You boost existent marketing campaigns and discover new potentials through mechanisms and automated processes of ONE TO ONE.

Marketing Insights

You will receive insights based on collected personal data. They are essential signposts for messenger marketing. Here, broadcasts are a helpful tool for surveys within the generated data.


Traffic labels your website’s visitor and data traffic. Depending on your applied measures, ONE TO ONE will lever your traffic by using targeted messenger services.

You have questions regarding messenger marketing or want to take advantage of ONE TO ONE’s potential to accomplish your business goals in the future?

If so, get in touch with ONE TO ONE’s experts now!

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